Over-the-Rhine Film Festival – Thank You, Cincinnati!

I love Cincinnati, and the organizers of the OTR International Film Festival (T.T., Jack, Tiffany and the rest). Our film made its world premiere at the Woodward Theatre on October 4, 2019, and I had a blast. Everyone laughed in all the right places, and the audience responded to my lead characters Chuck and Eddie with the warmth and wonder that I knew they would. And thank you Dennis for a really nicely-moderated Q&A afterwards.

The kickoff VIP luncheon included a collection of 500 creatives, organizers, donors, and celebrity guests Ryan O’Connell (funny and unleashed AF) and CJ Jones. I met so many inspiring filmmakers and saw a lot of exciting films, most of which will be coming to a screen near you soon. Highlights included “The Drummer and the Keeper,” “L’Afrance,” “F11 and Be There,” and “For They Know Not What They Do.”

And what really made the week for me is that a group of my best childhood friends came from far-flung places to support me. Here are a few photos from the week. Thank you for the photos, Janice Person!